Thursday, 18 August 2011

UTH Night 3

On Wednesday, July 13th, five of us set off for Ultimate Treasure Hunting Night 3, namely Stan, Toni, me and - joining us for the first time - Jo and Julia.
It was a strange night in some ways: many location and unusual clues came to pass but... no people anywhere! Some of the clues included:

  • a vision of standing at Pease statue and looking down towards McDonald's
  • several clues that pointed to a clown
  • Buckton's Yard and a sail boat
  • Grange Road
  • cup cakes (again!)
  • The name Deborah/Debbie
As we walked down towards McDonald's from Pease statue we found a poster for the circus with a large clown on the front. Right opposite Buckton's Yard was a sail boat in a shop display. Upon leaving Grange Road was a shop that had ceramic cup cakes in the window and the name Debbie was written on one.

There were other experiences similar to this. We all felt greatly encouraged that we seemed to clearly be hearing God's voice and yet some frustration that we had no people fitting the clues. I spoke to two people who seemed to fit, but neither were interested in what we had to say.

We are learning, learning, learning...! To be obedient, to believe that God really does speak to us, and to persevere!

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