Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Can't Get You Out Of My Head...

Friday 18th May 2012

Three of us (Charlotte - for the first time, Toni and Allan) set off from the Fraser's house, armed with the following clues that met with direct matches: near the Railway Museum, short blonde hair, age 31-41, steel (all for one person!)

We gave out many invites to King's Church (http://www.kingschurchdarlington.org/) and to Ignite (http://www.igniteyouthevent.co.uk/) before heading off to the railway museum area. We waited there for a few minutes before a piece of treasure came along who fitted all the clues above, which is either an incredible coincidence or God at work - we know what we believe!

We approached the young man (aged 31-41 approx) with short blonde hair, as he passed the railway museum, and struck up a conversation. We showed him the clue card and he said he worked in the steel industry, which was under the 'Unusual' heading.

After sharing our faith and that we firmly believed that God had sent us to meet him, his attitude changed from 'I don't think there is a God' to 'This is really weird, I'm not going to be able to get this out of my head', which we said is exactly what God wants! He asked more questions about God and Church, to which we were more than happy to provide answers.

We finished off by asking him if there was anything we could pray for. He said that all was well in life but that he and his partner are expecting a baby in two weeks and that could we pray for a healthy baby.

I don't think God has finished with him yet. In fact, I don't think he is going to be able to get Him out of his head!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jesus is a Legend!

Friday 7th April

8 of us set off from the Fraser’s house on a Friday night: Toni, Allan, Richard, James and four first-time Ultimate Treasure Hunters: Ruth, Sean, little Richard and Sami (and Riley the dog)!

We found the following clues tonight: Victoria Embankment; a daisy up high; M (name); a natural beard; west-end of town near the ‘balloon shop’; pray for something emotional and that God is with him and knows about it; shadowy figure possibly wearing a dark jacket walking down the path on the ramp up to the train station, seen from between the blue bridges; white jumper; white stripes on an anorak

That is ten clues matched in total.

·         We started by giving invites to Church to many people: including one who had a daisy in her hair and another wearing a white jumper.
·         In the west-end of town, just near a balloon shop we noticed a man with a natural beard but he headed to a cash machine so we waited, as we didn’t want to spook him out. As he turned around we introduced the treasure hunt and went straight in to the clues. He met the first three clues which included his name. We asked him if he had any emotional issues. He said he had some mild emotional issues: that his brother had just come back from Afghanistan. He suggested that was a fourth match. We asked him if we could pray with him. He said ‘No’ at first but later changed his mind when offered again. We prayed for peace and for God to make Himself known in his life and wished him the best for his future.
·         After a few good conversations and invites to Church with people who didn’t specifically match clues we split in to two groups to head off to location clues: one group going to Victoria Embankment and another group to the blue bridges near the railway station.
·         At Victoria Embankment we found a group of youths. We approached them and had a number of interesting, fun and challenging conversations! We found ourselves naturally split in to groups with different Hunters discussing with different youths. It started with one of them taking the mick, to us gaining their attention, to ending up with lots of respect between us all. They seemed to realise that we were just everyday people but with God in our lives. We talked a fair bit about Jesus and what He has done for us. We talked about suffering, that God can sort us out, and things like that. We had a lot of fun in with the serious stuff. The most noisy lad at the start was a little bit mocking, saying 'Jesus is a legend', but by the end of the conversation, when he heard about one person that filled a clue card he said 'Jesus is a legend' and he seemed to mean it this time!
·         We bumped into a load of young people on the edge of the Market place. One had some white stripes on his anorak. We chatted to him and he said he would appreciate being prayed for - to settle in to his new house and generally for his future. We had quite a bit of chat with a girl in the group and then we prayed for her.
·         We went down to station and as we cornered the road up to the station, we saw a shadowy figure wearing a dark jacket walking down the path on the ramp up to the train station, seen from between the blue bridges. He was quite affable, stopped and talked to us but did not want to be prayed for.
·         While we were waiting to meet the other group at the top of Victoria Rd we bumped into a couple and got talking. They asked us to pray for their relationship as they had only been together for a year and had nowhere to live. We prayed for them and gave them an invite to Church.
·         We gave out lots and lots more Church invites and had many other conversations about God and the Church (including with the young lady in the chip shop as we bought some chips on the way home).
·         Two birds killed with one stone: a brilliant Treasure Hunt and a really long walk for Riley!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Lady in Red... Hair

Paul H, Richard S, Toni and I set out on a cold - and I mean COLD - Friday night (13th January 2012). There were very few people around but we still met one treasure, a lady with distinctive bright red hair near Greek-style pillars (red hair and Greek-style pillars being the clue). Richard and Toni shared a little with her about God and Jesus and she agreed for us to pray for her, although she did not want to be prayed for there and then.
We also found several doors with triangular structures above them, and with yellow stars stuck on the windows of some of them (triangles and stars being the clues). The doors were locked and there were clearly no people in side. We felt it right to leave Alpha invites through each of the doors.
We also handed out several Alpha invites and King's church information cards.
Seeds sown...

Monday, 12 December 2011

Black and yellow, black and yellow!

8 people split into 2 groups of 4, including Paul D for the first time. Welcome Paul!
The following clues were directly ticked off tonight (including some more than once): curved metal window bars, black and yellow, leg pain, Union Street, sporty, tennis, Diane, jet black, Tavern, blue, struggle, blonde-haired man
  • Stan virtually literally bumped in to some curved metal window bars (his own clue!) as we walked along the dark street. After we had stopped laughing, we noticed on the other side an older man with a young girl. He was wearing black and yellow clothing, the yellow being a very noticeable high-visibility jacket. We approached him and struck up a good conversation. He was very open to what we had to say. It turns out he suffers from a lot of leg pain from years of cycling (sporty), although he wasn’t in any pain at the time. We prayed for him that his pain would not re-occur and left him with an invitation to the King’s Carol Concert and lots to think about!
  • On the way to Union Street we started talking to a man dressed in black. We gave him a carol concert invitation and it turned out he picked up a lot of his furniture from the King’s Church Furniture Scheme. After a brief chat we said our goodbyes. As we waited briefly in Union Street the same guy came our way. We sensed that God had more He wanted to say to him. We shared about Jesus and we also had a word right then that he had a ‘struggle’ in his life, to which he responded that he had many. After a good conversation we again left him with plenty to think about as he went to catch his bus.
  • Outside the Dolphin Centre we started chatting to a man dressed in sporty clothing. It turns out he is already a Christian. He asked us to pray for his farming family business to be more successful as it was struggling, which we did.
  • We approached a lady dressed very noticeably in jet black. We chatted about what we were doing but all she would say is that we would not be able to convert her. She said she used to have a faith but was now an atheist. We asked if she happened to be called Diane, and she said she wasn't but she then reluctantly said that actually she was called Dianne and which of us knew her! Obviously she realised that we didn't know her. She didn’t want it to be God but knew that it couldn't be us. It was a real challenge to her. We had a very interesting conversation and our final words were ‘You may have given up on God but He clearly hasn't given up on you’. Later, when praying, God gave us a picture that it is like she is in a tennis match with God; that He hits the truth to her and she hits it back. Keep praying for God to win that match!
  • We chatted to three men who were stood outside the Railway Tavern, which was surrounded on all sides by blue shops and lights. One of the guys was a blonde-haired man. We found out that he already knows several people at King’s and said that he might come along to the Carol Concert. One of the other men, who happened to be the bar manager/owner, said that his wife has been looking for a carol concert to go to that wasn't in a traditional church and said that they would come along. He also said he would put several of the invitations on his bar and at the tables!
  • Many more Carol Concert invitations given out.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I want my sins forgiven!

Tonight's Team: Paul, Stan, Shelley, Kath and Allan (and a clue from a friend: Stewart from King's Church Eden, Penrith)

Clues we found: Pease monument, older man with glasses, 3 girls, possibly young - teens, green window / door frame, old man, age 16, white van, pray for wrists, initially resilient to us before becoming more interested

  • We were led to a young man stood in the middle of a road next to a white van. He had suffered on-and-off with painful wrists, which we prayed about. He was already a follower of Jesus and quite intrigued at the whole Ultimate Treasure Hunt concept.
  • We were led to an older man with glasses (bizarrely known as Mr Dead-legs!) outside a shop with green window and door frames. He was initially resilient to us before becoming more interested in what we had to say about Jesus and God.
  • We were led to three girls (around the age of 16 to 18) as they walked past Pease monument. They were Muslims and delighted that we took the time to speak to them and pray with them. We asked what they wanted prayer for. The first said that she wanted to be happy and for other people to be happy. As we were praying we felt God telling her that as she got to know God more so her happiness would increase! The second wanted prayer for a place at university to study forensic science. We prayed that this would happen but also that she would find out more about God and tell others about God. 
  • The conversation with the third girl was quite amazing. She asked us that we would pray for her to be forgiven of her sins! We asked her if she knew Jesus. She said she knew He was a prophet. We told her that we believe He is a prophet but also the Son of God and the only way to have your sins forgiven. At the same time, one of the team had a prophetic word for her that she also needed to forgive herself, which seemed to have quite an impact on her as she became quite emotional at this point. We prayed for her to know Jesus as he fully is. 
  • As the girls were Muslims we decided not to take this further out of respect for their beliefs and felt that the conversation had covered enough ground anyway. 
  • As we left the three girls they were very thankful that we had spent time with them and we continued to pray later for Jesus to reveal Himself fully to this girl in particular.
  • We also gave out lots of invitations to Ignite, the big youth event at King's Church.

Not bad for a wet, cold Thursday night in Darlington!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

IMPACT! details

James, Richard, Allan and I set off for our treasure we went into town because 2 of the clues were for post house Wind and the other was H Samuels, so… off we went….  We soon encountered a group of Young people; we engaged with them and started to throw around questions around our clues.  
We talked around our clue cards seeing if we could find matches.
A Young Man Matched Name, Location, Hot of arms, horse riding, visits Darlington, Uni or College.
How: His name was J.  he met up with his friends near H Samuels today, Hot of arms turns out to be painful growing pains, horse riding = He used to go horse riding around a year ago and misses it, visits Darlington = He is in and out of Darlington every week day because his school is outside of Darlington, Uni or college = He is planning to go to Uni or College after this school yr. (he is 15) We prayed with this young man and thanked God for him and asked God to make himself known in his life.
Meanwhile, the rest of the youngsters were fascinated and asking lots of questions.  We (J, R A and T) offered all pray and all took prayer.  A young lady had a 10 month old baby and was emotional with motherhood, another young lady talked to me about her family being of ill health, Allan prayed with a young man saying he felt he would do well in life but he would only find what he is looking for in God.  We departed from the group feeling well worked!! J

Walking on, Allan felt drawn to a couple of lads fast approaching us.  I offered them an Explorer card to which the Cider lad said He was not interested.  We struck a conversation with the lads mostly Cider Man who explained that there was far too much going on in the world to think about to be bothered with God.  Allan felt that one of his clues ‘Pray for’ was directly for Cider man.  Allan let Cider man know that the Devil is in the detail and he knows that God wants to set him free.  Meanwhile James and Richard are meeting and greeting people in the town introducing themselves and offering help and support and checking if they fit clues. 
Cider man and his friend did not want any prayer but chatted quite openly around the specific details he needed to know before he could entertain the thought of God.  We left wishing them well and shook hands thanking them for their time. 

Passing a burger van that was a clue on a previous treasure hunt we popped our heads round to say hello and give the guy an Explorer Card.
We walked slowly towards Post House Wind passing Escapades we started to chat to 3 bouncer lads who worked there.  We sat on the wall chatting to them.  They asked us what we were doing so…. we told them! (Door opened thank you God you are greaaat!J)  James asked about the bouncer lads church back ground.  One confessed to being a left footer (lol he quickly told me that meant Catholic ;) the other used to be a Youth leader at St. Andrews and the other is a family man.  James prayed for Family man’s painful knee to be healed (J) Allan, Richard and I prayed for the other 2 guys thanking god for them and asking God to reveal himself to them and to bless them. 

Moving on to Post House Wind Allan and I encountered some jealously!  Passers-by were merrily tipsy with slurred speech.  We gave out Explorer cards and laughed along with them realising it probably wasn’t a good idea to start deep conversations with them at that point. 
Walking up to high row and around towards an amusement arcade we spotted various people J. Giving out Explorer cards and inviting them to jump into our treasure hunt cards! We stopped to briefly re-cap what had already happened that night.  All 4 of us were feeling very lifted and full of beans at how fruitful the night had been.
Gazing over we spotted 3 young ladies sat on a bench chatting.  Richard felt the pull to go over I accompanied him we started a conversation relating to T.Hunt.  One of the girls was loud and intrigued by what she was hearing.  Saying that her friend next to her was who we were looking for (she wasn’t like!).  We talked with the girls and they told us they had gone to a catholic school prior to the one they were at.  They all confessed to being Christians already having attended a Catholic school already. 
A young lady ‘Miss Bubbly’ was asking a lot of questions around God and wanted to know the ins and outs of all things we were doing and have ever done.  The other 2 girls were starting to get interested by the answers to Miss Bubbly questions also when we explained how the treasure hunt worked and our first encounter of the night.  They offered information about each other and wanted to see if they fit any clues.  Miss Bubby said that she was a Gypsy which shocked me because after the town Allan and I were going to a sight in Darlo where Gypsy’s were based as that was one of my clues! As time went on the girls and us realised that they were fitting my clues:
Location = gypsy – miss bubbly
Name = no match
Appearance = casual checked shirts and  shiny earrings – all 3 girls looked at each other at this point realising they all had casual checked girly shirts on! J Ha ha God you are good!
Unusual – broken down car/ broken down spiritually = one of the girls mum had a faith but lost is and the other girls brother’s car had broken down the day before.  The atmosphere got more and more celebrationary as we were realising the extent of the night.
Pray for- gossip is untrue – the girls in amazement said they had all been arguing because of rumour that had been going around and tonight was the night they decided to lay it to rest and get on with their friendship. 
As this was going on Richard had an encountered a match to his clue and started a conversation off with that guy. 
One of Richards’s clues was Twin Towers which matched for Miss bubbly and the 2 girls as they had been studying the twin towers at school. (wow wee!!!!!!)
We prayed for the girls individually telling them truths about how God sees them that they are beautiful young ladies and are children of God’, I asked God to relight beliefs/faiths they had before and asked God to reveal himself to them in a special way.  All 3 girls said they would come to Explorer Sunday.

Friday, 11 November 2011


Allan, Toni, Richard, James and Kath

Tonight while praying I felt the word of the night was ‘Impact’, now at the end of the night I am left feeling well…… soooooooooooooo chuffed at the privilege God has let us and the team be a part of.  It is a huge blessing and honour to have God use us to bring his lost into a place where He is known.

Ok, here are the facts, 21 out of 25 clues were matched tonight!! WOW WEE J God has touched many of his lost tonight and called back a few that have drifted from him.

All in all we had conversations with at least 8 people who fitted multiple direct clues and chatted to at least 40 more!  

To find out more ask us about it or….. you could join us next time!?
Toni and Allan